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Jobaria at Navy Pier The Riddle of the Dinosaur
a poem by Bert Leston Taylor (1866-1921) c. 1912

Behold the mighty dinosaur,
Famous in prehistoric lore,
Not only for his power and strength
But for his intellectual length.
You will observe by these remains
The creature had two sets of brains-
One in his head (the usual place),
The other at his spinal base.
Thus he could reason 'A Priori'
As well as 'A Posteriori.'
No problem bothered him a bit
He made a head and tail of it.
So wise was he, so wise and solemn,
Each thought filled just one spinal column.
If one brain found the pressure strong
It passed a few ideas along.
If something slipped his forward mind
'Twas rescued by the one behind
And if in error he was caught
He had a saving afterthought.
As he thought twice before he spoke
He had no judgment to revoke.
Thus he could think without congestion.
Upon both sides of the question.
Oh, gaze upon this model beast,
Defunct ten million years at least.
contributed by Marco Mendez
Jobaria skeleton photos by Kenneth S. Mierzwa, color tooth and Suchomimus reverses by Ellin Beltz. All copyright 2000

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