Pictures from the Lost Coast -- April 2001

by Ellin Beltz

Redwood Trees
Deep in the Redwood Forest, ancient things survive.

Trees grow to 300 feet high; their first branches are far above the ground.

Drive by and the size of the trees will amaze you.

If you get out of the car and away from the road, you may see what you least expect.

What we sawBeyond the car

This is not the only habitat along the Lost Coast -- look what we saw at the beach!

At the beachMore at the beach
At the watering holeAlso at the watering hole

Many of the organisms along the Lost Coast are survivors of the Mesozoic Age.
Ferns and other 'primitive' plants grow almost to the water's edge.

Out for a strollTaking a rest

Thanks for looking at my first pictures from the Lost Coast!

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All photos by Ellin Beltz,
copyright and all rights reserved 2004.
April 1, 2001, updated April 1, 2004, April 1, 2005

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