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Archaeology and Paleoart Links

  • Archeologie from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication has on-line tours of nearly two dozen Mediterranean archaeological sites. Dive Alexandria, or visit submerged caves with ancient paintings.

  • Center for Archaeoastronomy publishes a journal on the topic as well as providing web links to responsible sites about this fascinating topic.

  • Archaeology Data Service of Great Britain lists archaological sites, digs and artifacts in the field and in museums.

  • The Pompeii Forum Project includes archaeology, also information about Roman buildings response to earthquakes and volcanic hazards.

  • The Ancient and Lost Civilizations page represents an enormous amount of work researching cultures around the world.

  • Ancient American Magazine includes photos, top stories and some from back issues on their site.

  • The Theban Mapping Project site is an image-heavy, gorgeous, educational site about ancient Egypt. Virtual tours over monuments, through tombs. Visit the archaeologists at work. The "KV5" in the site title refers to the ongoing excavations of the huge tomb of the sons of Ramesses II.

  • RockArtNet. Patient websurfers can discover Egyptian monuments to petroglyphs from the American southwest.

  • The Guardian -- King Tut includes photos, Howard Carter's diaries, an interesting interactive where you discover the tomb and a link to a real player version of Steve Martin's "King Tut."

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March 3, 2010
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