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Physics Links

  • Einstein Light a wonderful animated series of pages illustrates "Galilean relativity, electromagnetism, the apparent inconsistency between them, Einstein relativiy, time dilation and length contraction, E=mc2 and beyond relativity." Best of all are the supporting pages both with and without mathematics. Thanks to George Hatsidimitris for this site.

  • The Particle Adventure animates quarks and other particles, explains how giant accelerators and detectors work and provides quizzes and pop-up glossaries. Aimed at high school students.

  • Rod Nave's Physics Review pages. Check out the flow-chart linking so you can wander around following topics of interest for hours.

  • Russian physics animations show mechanics, waves, optics and thermodynamics.

  • Watch magnetic fields. We've all seen a compass needle shift as the elevated train goes by, now see animations of the lines of magnetic flux to understand how it works.

  • Optics Notes from lenses to fiber optics and 2000 other topics in between.

  • A Century of Physics timeline and multimedia activities from the American Physical Society.

  • How Stuff Works, the Physics of everyday things. Also visit for more everyday physics from a professor at the University of Virginia.

  • Science Hobbyist has science fair project ideas, science links, odd stuff and "physics for bored commuters," a study of urban traffic jams.

  • "TIPTOP" - The Internet Pilot to Physics links to physics around the world, a virtual laboratory and more resources for physicists and physics students.

  • List of major physics websites includes links to on-line tutorials and much more<.

  • Galvanize your interest in electricity at this site from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • Physics Humor and Online Tutorials from DC Physics.

  • Visual Quantum Mechanics from a research group at Kansas State University has animations of mock experiments and online tutorials.

  • Direct Textbook provides an easy way to buy textbooks for all disciplines. Their site loads quickly and is very easy to use.

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November 5, 2005
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