Be afraid Be very afraid Suchomimus

When you dream - what do you dream about?

I dreamt of dinosaurs in black and white.

It was an old fashioned time machine
all whirling wheels and flashing light.

Going back in time, I saw glimpses, images, distant shadows.

Dino Dream

It was like a slide projector, an old TV or a ride on the El,
but with scary neighbors of the Mesozoic kind.

Were there tiny mammals in that far distant time?
Or some ancestor of tiny mammals, or of us?
Is that why we hope to see our shadows - or fear them?


Exhibited at Clybourn Gallery, February 2001.
Thanks to Jon Meyers and Gabrielle Lyon who helped me bring my dream to you.

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Ellin Beltz ebeltz@ebeltz.net
July 4, 2004
Originally posted August 15, 2001
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