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Glacial Glossary
This started as an ESCI-315 Class Project at Northeastern Illinois University in Spring of 2000 and has grown since.
West Coast of Greenland

Mike Rafter captured these shots of Greenland from a commercial jet on October 3, 2000.
Left: West Coast -- Right: East Coast.
East Coast of Greenland
Learn more about Greenland by visiting The Greenland Guide. This fantastic site has information about the land of the Midnight Sun, how to spend the winter in an igloo and more.

Glacier Links

About Snow and Ice

General Glacial Information

Links to Sites around the World

North American Glaciers

Glaciers outside North America

Links to sites about Peru.

  • Satellite Image Atlas glaciers of the world.
  • Andrew George Klein Publications. Assistant Professor -- Geography Department --Texas A & M University.
  • University of Michigan A boulder at the western margin of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in the tropical Andes of Peru in 1978. If the warming persists, the ice cap could be in danger of being lost.
  • Glacial snow disappearing in the Andes.
  • As glaciers melt, talks on warming face chill.
  • USGS The estimated total ice-covered area within Perú is about 2,600 square kilometers.
  • USGS The glacierization of the cordilleras in Perú is directly related to the physical geography of the Andes, the elevation of the mountains, and the precipitation pattern.
  • USGS The Cordillera Blanca is the most extensive tropical ice-covered mountain range in the world and has the major ice concentration in Perú.
  • USGS 296 km2 covered by glaciers.
  • USGS The Quelccaya ice cap is situated in the Cordillera de Vilcanota in the eastern branch (Cordillera Oriental) of the Peruvian Andes.
  • USGS In Perú, mass-balance measurements were begun in the Cordillera Blanca in 1966 by this author on the Pucahirca Glacier.
  • USGS Since 1702, more than 22 catastrophic events have resulted from ice avalanches that have caused outburst floods from glacier lakes.
  • USGS Good quality, cloud-free Landsat imagery is available for many of the glacierized areas of Peru.
  • USGS References cited on the USGS pages about Peru.

Links to sites about Antarctica.

Antarctic Rock at Tribune Tower

A stone from Antarctica mounted in the facade of the Chicago Tribune Tower.
Photo by Ellin Beltz

Links to sites about Svalbard, Norway.

  • Svalbard geography.
  • The Svalbard Guide.
  • The Svalbard Pages.
  • The Svalbard Pages picture gallery. This shows some pictures of glaciers in Svalbard, Norway that some expeditioners took while visiting the area. There is also some helpful info on names of the glaciers and where they are located.
  • The Svalbard Pages FAQ. This site talks about what Svalbard means, what types of glaciers there are, the weather, the location, and travel to Svalbard.
  • The Svalbard Pages Links. These sites contain factual info on Svalbard and its surrounding features. They were very helpful to me in my research of Svalbard, Norway. All of the websites contained information on glaciers and fjords. It covered facts from latitude to longitude, to temperature to surging, to crevasses and calving.

Links to sites about Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan.

Links to sites about Mount Everest.

Rock from Everest Base Camp

A garnet mica schist from Everest Base Camp.
Photo by Ellin Beltz.

Links to sites about African glaciers.

Links to sites about volcanos with glaciers on top.

Links to sites about Emmons Glacier, Mt. Rainier, Alaska.

Links to sites about Exit Glacier and Alaska.

Jenny at Alaska Highway

Photo of Jenny at the Alaska Highway.
Photographer not known.

Links to sites about Malaspina Glacier and Alaska.

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