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Research by ESCI #308 Students, June, 2000
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General Park Sites

U.S. National Parks are categorized by geological method of formation:
Parks formed by erosion in flat-lying rocks
Parks with limestone features including caves and cliffs
Parks with glacial landscapes
Parks formed by volcanic action
Parks with complex mountain structures

U.S. National Parks formed by erosion in flat-lying rocks.

Research by Diane Carroll and Ellin Beltz.

U.S. National Parks with limestone features including caves and cliffs.

Research by Chris Calderaro, Matthew Deterding and Angeline Hanson.

Carlsbad Caverns

Mammoth Cave

Wind Cave National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Virgin Islands National Park

Everglades National Park

Biscayne National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park

U.S. National Parks with glacial landscapes.

Researched by Heather Knecht, Jodi Helbing and Joan Clifton.

U.S. National Parks formed by Volcanic Action.

Research by Johnathon Maynard, Jeffrey Watts, Nancy Stach and Lisa Trilling.

General Volcanic Parks

Crater Lake


Lake Clark


Mount Rainier

  • Mt. Rainier National Park Visitors Guide includes price lists, sights to see, hiking guide and more!
  • Mount Rainier, Washington Observe official photography with explanations. Also click on the ground and air photos of Mt. Rainier.
  • Geology Fieldnotes Mount Rainier National Park Washington Includes a very brief description of the park geology, and a photo gallery. There is also a link to MAPS! This site includes a teacher feature that list links for teachers.
  • Landscape Photos This site is not informative but has some very beautiful pictures. My favorite is the lunar eclipse over the top of the mountain. You may order prints form this site.
  • Peakware World Mountain Encyclopaedia includes photographs and trip reports from a number of adventurers. Also includes a basic fact box about the volcano itself, and a links that are updated regularly about hiking and trail conditions.
  • Mount Rainier, Washington, USA - IAVCEI "Decade Volcano" - Hazards, Seismicity, and Geophysical Studies Written information about Mount Rainier, decade volcano, seismicity near Mount Rainier including a Map View and a Cross-Section, geophysical studies of Mount Rainier, and Photographs of Mount Rainier (by Harry T. Halverson, Olympia, WA)
  • Mt. Rainier National Park Photos Douglas K. Lockhart ascent of Mt. Rainier includes a list of photographs taken on his journey that depict many significant geological features. Also available on this website is a copy of his field notes from the climb.
  • USGS Mount Rainier Washington This is the home page for the USGS' report on Mount Rainier. You can access everything that you ever wanted to know about Mount Rainier from somewhere in this site. Some features are: the history and description of Rainier, seismicity, current hazards, etc.
  • USGS armchair tour of Rainier This is a pictographic tour of the volcano with descriptions and information regarding each picture.
  • Area Parks This site includes a photo gallery, general information regarding the geology of Mt. Rainier, flora and fauna, history, preservation and tips on sights to see when visiting Mt. Rainier National Park.
  • Mount Rainier National Park While visiting this select geology from the drop down menu under Science and History, and view the geology photo gallery of Mount Rainier. Also, under volcanic activity from the drop down menu, you can get a description of the volcanic activity as well as the NPS field notes on Mt. Rainier.

Hawaii Volcanos National Park


There are TOO many sites about Katmai with not much info or material in them -- very superficial OR mostly about brown bears, traveling or camping info: over and over again in a particular campsite. But here goes. I tried to pull out as best I could the ones with more then ordinary specs. Very few photos in them as well.
  • Valley of Katmai in Photos Excellent site -- all photos, the most (if not the only one of any of the sites) photos and good ones. Pixs were taken during a nine day trip with CalTech geology students. The menu is at the end with many links to maps, plus more.
  • Katmai National Park Small site but good map and info.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

  • Park Vision: Images of the National Parks This multipage site is divided in sections. History, formations, many pixs of Lassen as well as other mountains in the Park, trees and plants found there, wildlife, trails and roads, visitor center, and the Lassen Chalet. If you want/need more info, references are listed as well.
  • California Guide-Lassen Volcanic National Park Nice condensed site that covers most general items you would want to know before looking deeper. Several thumbnail pictures with a few dramatic ones in the winter, a scenic drive guide, and a very good map of the park that helps you get its big picture of what location is where.
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park This is a very informative site that is not associated with the U.S.G., Dept. of Int., or the N.P.S. and states it on every internal link page/menu. There is a wide rage of camping info, travel, guides, activities, and weather. Only a keynote pix on each lead menu page but nice.
  • Exploring Lassen Volcanic National Park VERY nice site with some areas not touched on before. The menu contains Cultural, Interactive/TopoMap, Wildlife, Geothermal activity, recent eruption photos, and more. The little "click here volcano" is in constant eruption.
  • U.S. Volcanic Parks This site is small but it can take you to two other very good links: Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Info ion the Web and Volcanic Parks and Monuments in the U.S. The menu on V.W. is heavy with educational ideas and material and it has its own search engine for volcanos.
  • American West Travelogue--Lassen Small dramatic site with several good pixs. It also has a point and click map with many selections and categories.
  • Volcano Photography by G. Brad Lewis.

U.S. National Parks with complex mountain structures.

Research by Mihoko Fukunaga, Jason Meshberg and Rhonda Redmond.

Some Asian Sites found by Mihoko which are about national parks

Channel Islands

Redwood National Park

Other complex parks

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