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Field Trip -- Dinosaur Lab and Dino-Giants

Trinity Christian College - Geology 101 - Spring 2000
class at Navy Pier

On March 4, 2000, fifty Geology 101 students, Jack Conrad of the University of Chicago, Kevin Goldman from Northeastern Illinois University, and Marco Mendez of Project Exploration toured Paul Sereno's dinosaur lab at the University of Chicago - then visited the Jobaria tiguidensis and Afrovenator display at Navy Pier.

Photos by Laura Kamerman and Ellin Beltz. Copyright 2006

Paul Sereno's Dinosaur Lab

Jack with map Jack Conrad mapped out the expedition route in Africa and detailed how the bones, found in Niger, are prepared over there, shipped, unwrapped and the skeletons prepared in Chicago. The originals will be returned to the country of origin, only casts will be kept.
Jack with plastered bone
Marco in casting room Marco Mendez described how the bones are cast and assembled to make display skeletons twice because only half of our group could fit in the casting and assembly rooms. The dinosaur bones take up a lot of room! Marco with cast
Marco shows us Jobaria's skull. Note how heavy the real bones are compared with a cast! (near right)

One of the students compares her teeth with those of long ago (far right).
Marco with Jobaria's skull Teeth: then and now
happy drivers they haven't driven downtown, yet Our drivers get Project Exploration T-shirts and a big "thank you"! This was before their interesting drive with three 15-man vans through Chicago downtown traffic to Navy Pier where Project Exploration and Paul Sereno had mounted specimens of Jobaria and Afrovenator.

Navy Pier Dinosaur Giants Exhibit

Students watched the expedition video, about Paul's fundraising "Dino Run" and how he studied an elephant to understand how dinosaurs might have moved. watching the video Jobaria rearing
Jobaria towers over the students.
Afrovenator lurking
Afrovenator lurks behind a palm.

Reference material to prepare for the field trip.

Geological Illustrations

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