Field Trips by Ellin Beltz

Field Trip -- Montrose Beach

Northeastern Illinois University - Earth Science Oceans and Atmospheres class
with Dr. Charles Shabica - September 1999.
Sara and Kevin
The assignment was "Find the top of the water table!" Sara and Kevin were the first to arrive and dug closest to the lake (left). Mike was last, so he got the patch farthest from the water line and had to dig deepest to hit water (right). Mike digs deep

Montrose Beach is on the Lake Michigan shoreline in the City of Chicago. All of the Chicago shoreline has been extensively modified since the City's incorporation in 1833.
Yvette sorts sand
Yvette demonstrates using a set of screens to sort sand by grain size.
The longshore current carries sand southward along the shoreline, depositing above any obstacle and eroding below each one. The beaches in Chicago are cleaned and artificially nourished with new sand.

Reference material to prepare for the field trip.

Geological Illustrations

Standard rock symbols . Complete Geologic Column . Ordovician fossils . Silurian fossils . Devonian fossils . Mississippian fossils . Pennsylvanian fossils . Illinois top of rocks map . LaSalle and Kanakakee geological column .
LaSalle area cross-section . Northern Illinois top of rocks map

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