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Ferndale Photos

1st rose Peace rose Tea rose
Horatio Frank visits the tidepools RIBBIT!
Our house PL clearcut and mill
Top row: Roses and rooster in our yard
Middle Row: Horatio the rooster, Frank P. at the tidepools and a Pacific treefrog in the redwoods
Bottom Row: Our new house and a clearcut at Pacific Lumber's mill in Scotia.
Terraserver has airphotos of Ferndale in 1998. Enter "Ferndale, CA" in their search box and the satellite photo of town will pop up, then zoom in on our house! I used to put this as a link, but it 404d so often as they changed their internal addresses, that this is the only reliable way to link to this information.
The latitude and longitude for Ferndale is: 40.6 N, 124.3 W and we are in the minus 8:00 time zone (PST).

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July 4, 2004
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