April 18, 1906 Earthquake - Ferndale, California

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300 Main looking North

300 Main - Looking North

From the right edge of the picture inwards, the first building on the right is 300 Main, next is the small dark Enterprise building with a projecting sign, then 334 Main, the large white building behind the telegraph pole on the right. Beyond it are the wrecked 394 Main aand the tall, dark bays of Ring's Drugstore. The bell tower is obscured behind the buggy.

First at left are the porches of the Ferndale Hotel, then the Taylor Building with its four peaky window trims, the wrecked Russ brick store, the Donnelley Saloon, The Gilt Edge Hotel, the Milwaukee Saloon, and so on disappearing in the distance. Ms. Garrett was shooting a 4x5" camera which gives so much detail that you can read the signs on original prints at the Museum!
Photo by Edna Garrett.
Courtesy of the Peter Palmquist Collection and the Ferndale Museum.

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