April 18, 1906 Earthquake - Ferndale, California

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475 Main South on West Side

475 Main - looking South

475 Main/ built as the New York Store in 1898 currently the polychrome Gazebo housed Lee Taubman's Red Star Store in 1906. It is the first building on the right hand edge of the picture. The next, a dark two story with a second floor porch is Loveland's 455 Main Street, then Alford's Drugstore, the IOOF Hall and so on down the street. The little sign on Loveland's reads "The San Francisco Chronicle," and nestled in the debris is a telephone sign, showing that Ferndale even then was not as isolated as might be imagined. This photo was taken the day of the quake, but some time after the others as you can see wheel marks in the street. In the earliest photos, the street is smooth, as if shaken fresh by the quake.
Photo by Edna Garrett.
Courtesy of the Peter Palmquist Collection and the Ferndale Museum.

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