April 18, 1906 Earthquake - Ferndale, California

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339 Main looking North

339 Main

The fine new brick store of the Russ, Early and Williams Co., completed but a few months ago probably presents the sorriest spectacle. The front of this building was completely demolished, the bricks being thrown into the street, while the thick plate glass was reduced to fragments. The walls were also cracked and broken.

339 Main
Rebuilt, the same building lost its glass and brick again in the 1992 earthquake and was replaced with the current Valley Grocery building. The Palace Saloon and CandyStick buildings are followed by perhaps the clearest view of the Gilt Edge Hotel in the series. The Hotel was demolished; the site is currently City Parking.
Photo by Edna Garrett.
Courtesy of the Peter Palmquist Collection and the Ferndale Museum.

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