April 18, 1906 Earthquake - Ferndale, California

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420 Main South

420 Main
Looking south

This is probably the first picture Edna Garrett took the morning of April 18, 1906. A crowd has gathered in the middle of the street and the street is still smooth, although puddles of water show where water mains have broken.

On the left: The first building is 406 Main (Lentz), then the wrecked White Front Store at 394 with the fire bell tower downthrown (replaced by bank), 376 Main (Meat Market) and Ring's Pharmacy at 362. The spire in the distance is on 300 Ocean (the Victorian Inn) since removed.

On the right: The bay belongs to 421 Main (Golden Gait), the first whole building is the saloon at 409 Main (Poppa Joe's), the next two buildings (including a very narrow one) have been replaced, next the matching bay windows of 393 and 385-389.
Photo by Edna Garrett.
Courtesy of the Peter Palmquist Collection and the Ferndale Museum.

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