Amphibians of Humboldt County, California


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Family Plethodontidae - Lungless salamanders

direct development
Black salamanderAneides flavipunctatus
Arboreal salamanderAneides lugubris
Wandering salamanderAneides vagrans
California Slender salamanderBatrachoseps attentuatus
EnsatinaEnsatina eschscholtzii
Del Norte salamanderPlethodon elongatus
Family Ambystomatidae - Mole salamanders

aquatic larvae in standing water
Northwestern salamanderAmbystoma gracile
Long-toed salamanderAmbystoma macrodactylum
Family Dicamptodontidae - Giant salamanders

aquatic larvae in streams
Pacific giant salamanderDicamptodon tenebrosus
Family Rhyacotritonidae - Torrent salamanders

aquatic larvae in seeps - headwaters streams
Southern torrent salamanderRhyacotriton variegatus
Family Salamandridae - Newts

aquatic larvae in standing water
Rough-skinned newtTaricha granulosa
Red-bellied newtTaricha rivularis

Frogs and Toads

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Family Ascaphidae - Tailed frogs

larvae in streams
Tailed frogAscaphus truei
Family Bufonidae - True toads

larvae in standing water and river edge waters
Western toadBufo boreas
Family Hylidae - Treefrogs

larvae in standing water
Pacific treefrogHyla (Pseudacris) regilla
Family Ranidae - True frogs

larvae in standing water and river edge waters
Northern red-legged frogRana aurora aurora
California red-legged frogRana aurora draytonii
Foothill yellow-legged frogRana boylii
Cascades frogRana cascadae
BullfrogRana catesbeiana

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March 3, 2006

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