Photography and Art

Sculpture by Ellin Beltz

Spidertree by Ellin Beltz


was shown in Arachnophilia: A celebration of spider art works by Humboldt County artists including: Sarah Arana, Ellin Beltz, Hobart Brown, Jackie Colegrove, Don Fosdick, Barbara Garbutt, Holly Garbutt, Ken Mierzwa, Rob Riordan, Jack Mays and more. October 2002.

Soup Can Lillies by Ellin Beltz

Soup Can Lillies

was shown at the 2002-2003 Junque Arte Exhibition at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, sponsored by Humboldt Arts Council and Solid Waste Management Authority, Eureka, California from November 2, 2002 until January 5, 2003.

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Ellin Beltz
September 1, 2004

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