Photography and Art

It Was There

Circus Royal
It Was There
Copyright, 2004 - Ellin Beltz
Black-and-white photography by

Ellin Beltz

Belle Starr
Eureka, California

February 2 to March 1, 2002

Artist's Statement

I ask elderly people what surprises them most when they see themselves in a mirror.

Some have replied that they see their same eyes in new faces.

Looking backward from when I began to assemble this show, I found that my same-but-older eyes were seeing similar images, but how I expose the images has changed. Perhaps this is in response to styles in photography; perhaps I see more grey and less extreme contrasts with age.

I am surprised how little of my work is black-and-white. That will change in my new environment.

Thanks to Ken, Rachel and Belle Starr for this show.

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Ellin Beltz
June 23, 2004

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