April 18, 1906 Earthquake - Ferndale, California

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394 Main

394 Main

The store of the J. Gollober Co., formerly the Boynton and Hall place of business, was treated as badly [as the Russ brick store], the bricks from the front covering the sidewalk to a depth of several feet. The sides were shaken down to some extent, and the tower in which hung the fire bell was thrown to the ground.

394 Main Street. Gollober was a discount retailer selling off the stock of a failed business of Boynton and Hall in what was called "the White-Front Store." Note the fire bell tower laying on its side in the photo. The building was rebuilt, shaken again and finally torn down in February 1910 and replaced with the current Classical style Bank.
Photo by Edna Garrett.
Courtesy of the Peter Palmquist Collection and the Ferndale Museum.

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